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Q. I want to make beer, but I don't know how!
A. The Bx Beer Depot offers many educational tools for the aspiring brewer.  Our staff can offer excellent advice, we sell a wide variety of books about brewing, and we offer regular classes if you prefer a more visual approach.  If you would like to schedule a class, please visit our Calendar on this Link, choose a date that we are offering a class, and contact us at 561.965.9494 to rsvp.

Q.  What do I need in order to make my own beer?
A:  Homebrewing requires a few specific pieces of equipment as well as a couple common household items.  Basically, you will need a container to ferment in, a way to create a siphon, a stock pot to brew in, a spoon, cleaners, sanitizer, and a thermometer.  The Bx Beer Depot sells beginner equipment kits that make 1 Gallon Batches for $25.00, or $40.00 with recipe included.  We also sell equipment for producing 5 gallon batches, starting under $100. 

Q. How long does it take to make beer?
A. Starting off as a brewer, you can expect each batch of beer to take 2-3 hours to brew.  After the beer is brewed, you will need to allow 2-3 weeks for fermentation and bottle conditioning.  With a kegerator brewers have been known to go from grain to glass in less than 7 days!

Q.  Where can I find beer recipes?
A.  The Bx Beer Depot has a large recipe book, as well as multiple books for sale offering a slew of delicious beer recipes.  Our staff is also well trained in helping you craft the perfect beer for your pallet, and can help in creating special brews or clones of commercial ales.  Stop by the store and feel free to ask for advice on customizing your brew!

Q. What kind of beer can I brew at home?
A.  You can brew anything you like to drink.  However, for Florida customers we would suggest making Ales instead of lagers.  If you would like to make a lager, such as a pilsner, you will need to be able to control fermentation temperature for extended periods of time.  We do offer equipment to accomplish this.

Q. How much does it cost to brew a beer?
A.  1 Gallon Recipes are anywhere from $15.00-$20.00 each.  5 Gallon Recipes average $35.00-$60.00 per batch.  With proper equipment and techniques, it is not uncommon for brewers to eventually brew a full 5 gallons for less than $30.00.

Q. What kind of brewing supplies do you offer?
A. We have a full selection of brewing products.  We offer Co2 fills, a wide selection whole leaf and pellet hops, brewers spices, testing and cleaning equipment, dry and liquid yeast, and over 45 types of brewers malt.  If you need anything from malt extract to kegging equipment, we've got what you need!
Wine Making
Q. I've got tons of this fruit from XYZ, can I make wine out of it?
A. Absolutely, you can make wine out of anything from onions and avocados to grapes and honey!

Q. What do I need to make wine?
A.  You don't need much.  To make wine we suggest having a fermenting bucket or jug, a siphon, cleaner and sanitizer, campden tablets, and a nylon bag.  We sell 2 gallon beginner kits for $39.99, and have a wide selection of supplies if you would like to make 5 gallon batches.

Q.  I want to make amazing grape wine at home, what do I need?
A.  We sell high quality grape must from select vineyards across the world.  If you want to make a Lodi Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon or a Chilean Carmenere, we have what you need.  Our wine kits are easy to use and always produce world class results!

Q. Do you sell everything I need to make wine at home?

A.  Yes, we sell a full range of wine equipment and chemicals.  We also offer special orders for filtering systems, variable capacity steel fermenters, and other hard to find pieces of equipment such as cider presses and fruit crushers.
Cheese Making 101
1. How Do I Start Making Cheese?

Making cheese is simple and fun.  Starting off is an easy process.  We recommend beginning with a Soft Cheese Making Kit for Ricotta and Mozzarella cheeses.  All you need is a steel pot, steel spoon, soft cheese kit, and non ultrapasteurized milk!  The Chevre Goat Cheese kit is also an easy option, with cheese wax you can also start using one of our hard cheese making kits.

2. Where Can I Find Cheese Making Recipes?
We sell some amazing cheese making books at the Bx Beer Depot.  They will teach you to make everything from Muenster cheese to Herbed Chevre! 

3. What Kind of Yield Can I Expect?
You can expect to make 1lbs of Hard Cheese per gallon of milk, and 2lbs of Soft Cheese per gallon of milk.  Milk fat will affect your yield, since sheep milk has nearly 9% fat, it will produce more cheese.

4. Can I Make Cheese with Beer and Wine in it?
You sure can!  Cheese curds and rinds can be washed with beer or wine.  You can also make a Tomme Au Marc where your cheese is pressed with used wine skins!


Oktoberfest/Pumpkin Contest!
Saturday, October 3rd @4pm

Check our Homebrew Competition page for more details.

Learn To Brew

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6:00 pm Beginners Homebrew Class

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